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About us

Azure Logistics is a company with more than 30-years of combined transportation experience in Global Logistics. We provide a unique specialized service according to each shipment or specific project. Our worldwide partners help us manage and complement requirements for every cargo in compliance with regulations in each country.


Our dedicated management team’s main objective is to offer our clients a more cost effective, efficient and the best way to meet trade compliance of your specific shipment or project.


Our experience in managing different types of cargo is credit to our knowledge of every specific shipment or project. We offer these services to gain deeper understanding for optimal business efficiency in serving our customers to gain their trust and establish a long-term relationship.


  • We are committed to comply with the requirements of our customers.
  • We offer teamwork and follow up on every specific shipment or project.
  • We look for the best management solution.
  • We are committed to help the environment for future generations.
  • We work with honesty and transparency.